K 702-A

K 702-A

nuraussereuropaeisch ENThe K702 is the most powerful and fastest Koller yarder for uphill, downhill and flat terrain logging. The machine is equipped with a self-supporting frame, allowing simple assembly on various trucks and trailers as well as easy worldwide export. It is principally used for selective cuts and for general wood harvesting operations. All 4 guylines are run inside the tower.
Winches can be synchronized to each other for rigging corridors – operated by radio control.

  • low fuel consumption
  • high speed with heavy loads because of converter and powershift transmission
  • easy and low-cost maintenance due to simple construction


Skyline 120 kN
Mainline 80 kN
Line capacity Standard Alternative
Skyline 800 m Ø 22 mm swaged 700 m Ø 24 mm swaged
Mainline 900 m Ø 14 mm swaged -
Strawline 1700 m Ø 6 mm -
Guyline 4x50 m Ø 22 mm / 2x15 m extensions


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