KX 800e

KX 800e
KX 800e Detailansicht

The KX 800e is the revolution in the excavator yarder sector. With this device it is possible to combine 3 different working modes in one machine. This is made possible by the electric winches, which can generate up to 1000 hp (!) of power. Above all, the constant traction over all layers is an unbeatable advantage.


  Running Skyline Live Skyline Standing Skyline
Skyline 100 kN constant 90 kN constant ca.160 kN
Mainline/Haulbackline 100 kN constant 63 kN constant ca.160 kN
Guyline 15 kN constant/up to 32 kN
Line capacity
  Running Skyline Live Skyline Standing Skyline
Skyline 540 m Ø 3/4“ 540 m Ø 3/4“
600 m Ø 9/16”
600 m Ø 9/16“
Mainline/Haulbackline 780 m Ø 13/16”
Strawline 1450 m Ø 3/8“

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